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At Bundi Charters our experienced charter sales representatives are ready to help you plan your next trip. Whether you need a local charter or your group is heading out of SA. Whether your needs are a customized overland truck or a modern luxury tour bus, we can provide in your group’s transportation needs.

We are not limited to working with large tour operators and companies; we also design and run private tours. To create your own tour and itinerary, send us an email with your inquiry.

We have established ourselves as a reliable and respected charter operator for:

  • Corporate Groups
  • Sport Teams
  • Senior Citizens
  • School Field Trips
  • Band Trips
  • Church Outreaches & Camps
  • Social Outings
  • Bachelor/ Bachelorette Parties
  • Reunions
  • River Rafting

Do you have other needs? Perhaps you and a group of your friends would like to travel as a private group? Just ask! As part of The Bundi Group, we can meet the needs of almost any group.

This is a great way to see Africa as you are 100% in control of your holiday – choose where you want to go and what you want to see. Is this your need? – anything is possible! Or click here to mail us with your request!

Bundi Overland charters operate in Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique.

Whether you are looking for a relaxed day of socializing and interpersonal development out of the office or a custom made teambuilding event, Bundi Teambuilding meets your needs. Indoor as well as outdoor adventure teambuilding activities are offered. Ranging from half a day to three days we create a package to suit your company’s specific desire.

For any sport team looking for a break from their everyday routine of matches and practice join us for a teambuilding or adventure trip!

Teams can come out for a day of wet teambuilding on river incorporated with activities such as pyramid building, walking on water and boat races.

Pyramid Building
Walking on Water
Boat Races
Survivor is an outdoor team event. It will challenge delegates physically and mentally. The event provides an avenue for team ethic, healthy competition and development of interpersonal growth. Our next outdoor Survivor Challenge where corporates or any team can enter a team of five members to compete against other teams will be hosted in Sept.
We are available to design, recommend and run all types of group tours throughout Southern Africa. From budget adventure tours in trucks, all the way up to luxury safaris in air-conditioned 4×4’s or busses. Camping, Hotels and Safari Lodges – we offer it all! In addition to tour design our staff is able to recommend accommodation facilities throughout the Western Cape and Southern Africa.
Packages are put together designed specifically for senior citizens. Join us for a trip to experience a flower tour of the west coast or an easy walking hike in nature. All our trips are offered at special tariffs and include the arrangement of transport, accommodation and meals to all elderly accessible venues.

Our school field trips are planned to incorporate various forms of education. From leadership skills and interpersonal development to community upliftment and botanical education. All packages are planned and venues selected to ensure safety and adult supervision at all times. The classroom’s theoretical knowledge is brought alive with learners enabled to view species in their natural habitat. Tours are put together uniquely in order to meet the educator’s specific desire and in order to address relevant topics dealt with in school. Field trips are the highlight of all learner’s curriculum.

Click here to contact us if you are interested in custom made educational tours for your institution.

Various forms of education:
Learners are taught about environmental awareness, rock formation, climatic changes as well as stars and galaxies. Unique settings are explored and expert instruction and teachings given.
Skills such as the dissection of relevant species and ocean life are taught. Learners are also given the opportunity to observe the magnificent splendor of the underwater through snorkeling and SKIN diving.
Forestry as well as the identification of indigenous and alien plant species is done. Learners also actively take part in the removal and planting of trees. Trips to various botanical gardens and natures reserves in and around the Western Cape are done.
The animal kingdom is one of the most intriguing creations on earth. During our field trips relevant animal species can be observed from nearby. Field trips are planned to include theoretical knowledge taught in Biology and Physical Science.Various species of vertebrates and invertebrates are observed. Organized tours to the aquarium and zoo in the Western Cape are also offered.
Leadership development, teambuilding and socializing within groups are done. Our field trips are planned to address specific areas of development for different grades of scholars. Tours are also collaborated with an evening program. Learners are given specific tasks to enjoy and work in groups. An evening march, group drama, play, dances and campfire stories are incorporated. The outdoor setting provides the perfect platform for learners to get out of their comfort zones and meet and get to know each other on equal ground. The unique bond which is formed on these camps will last forever.

Social & Evening Program

Learners are taught about community development and social responsibility on our educational field trips. Communities within the relevant area are visited and children get actively involved in their school program by spending time with disadvantaged children or presenting a lesson to the class. Meaningful lessons are learnt as learners are taken out of their comfort zones and get exposed to different communities.
Relevant topics on water safety, water conservation and fresh and sea water education are dealt with on trips. Comprehensive lessons can be provided on the above mentioned topics. Themes dealt with in the classroom are focused on and demonstrated alongside practical examples in nature. Learners are given the opportunity to go on river and do river rafting. Basic life saving techniques are demonstrated.
Learners are given the opportunity to prepare their own food and get involved in “potjie kos” competitions. Basics of cleanliness and nutritional hygiene are also discussed.
Field trips are the highlight of most learners’ year. Special relationships and memories are made that will last a lifetime. Enough free time is given for leisure and fun! Depending on the surroundings, fun activities are organised in the area.

Our overland truck can be converted to take bulky luggage and equipment on band tours. The truck serves multiple purposes for marketing as well as the transportation of gear. In the photo these three bands did a tour with their full set in our Bundi truck. The equipment included; sound such as JBL VRX line array system, JBL SRX subwoofers, JBL PRX monitors, lighting such as a full intelligent lighting rig, structures such as Multiple Trussing systems, full drum kit, guitars, guitar amps, as well as tents and camping equipment. The truck was distinctively branded and sponsors advertised.

Various youth camps and community outreach projects make use of our services. Bundi can assist with the planning of the itinerary of any outreach to any destination. Youth camps are also hosted at our river camps. Activities done are based on sound principles. Every activity demonstrates certain specific character traits such as trust, loyalty, humbleness, etc.

For any inquiries on church camps and facilities offered by Bundi contact us!

Are you a group of friends looking for a different adventure experience? Are you planning a 30th or 21st birthday party? Bundi specialises in the organisation and planning of any social outing. Name the destination and type of outing you are looking for and we will take care of the rest.

Send us your inquiry

For the planning of your wedding special day or a bachelor / bachelorette party with a difference, Bundi offers various options. A booze cruise can be arranged on river or by truck through town. We can put together any function to meet your needs.

Let us arrange your school, university or club reunions. Trips can be designed to various destinations for a one day or weekend reunion. Adventures such as river rafting, hiking and sand boarding can be included in your overland trip.

For the organisation of a unique and fun reunion contact us!

Do you have other needs? Perhaps you and a group of your friends would like to travel as a private group? Just ask! As part of The Bundi Group, we can meet the needs of almost any group.

This is a great way to see Africa as you are 100% in control of your holiday – choose where you want to go and what you want to see. Is this your need? – anything is possible!

Click here to mail us with your request!

Bundi Overland charters operate in Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique.